OnCoRe Blueprint

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Test Implementation

Before the pilot implementation goes live, set up a test implementation that includes all the content and functionality that you plan to feature in the pilot. Ask a small group of core supporters to evaluate the repository functionality on a list of specific functions such as performing a search, uploading content items, or other common tasks that users will perform.

Support or help services and your feedback form should also be tested at this time. Confirm that support and help services are available and prepared to assist your users with any questions or problems. Review the repository interface to ensure that contact information for support or help services is readily available. It is critical that users have a positive experience in their initial interactions with the repository. A difficult first impression can drastically slow the adoption of repository use. Ask your testers for feedback and suggestions to identify basic problems and essential improvements. Test the feedback form. You may receive conflicting feedback and recommendations from your users. You will need your project staff or other designated group to decide which improvements should be made prior to the Pilot Implementation launch. Based on the recommended changes, feedback, and questions received, begin assembling a FAQ which should be available online as a knowledgebase.

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