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Operational Planning

During the previous phase, the Strategic Planning Group decided many of the broad issues that confront every new repository and assigned people to Operational Planning Teams to address the detailed, specific planning needed for repository implementation. The items that these teams should address are discussed in this section of the Blueprint. There will be overlap in some of these areas. A repository is a complex system, with many interconnected parts, and not all planning details fit neatly into a single category. The Operational Planning Teams should work together when necessary to ensure that overlapping areas are fully addressed. We have included a worksheet [PDF] of possible operational planning teams and task groups.

We generally recommend a staged implementation, beginning with a small pilot implementation. This will allow you to test various aspects of the implementation. It will also give you the opportunity to identify any bugs in your hardware or software systems and solve problems prior to rolling out your repository statewide.

The detailed planning decisions you make here will be documented by completing the provided worksheets. This documentation may prove useful when securing funding. The outputs of the various planning teams can easily be used to assemble a business plan or other planning document.

Results of this Step:

  • Development of policies and procedures for repository
  • Software research and selection plan
  • Hardware research and selection plan
  • Identification of essential repository tasks and staffing needs
  • Development of change management and marketing strategies
  • Development of an evaluation plan
  • Creation of project implementation timeline
  • Creation of draft 3-year project budget


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