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Strategic Planning

Planning is by far the most important part of setting up an online content repository.  The detailed planning that your group does at the beginning of the project allows you to set realistic goals and determine the best course of action for achieving those goals.

Some of the key decisions to be made are:

  • What is the mission of the project?
  • Who will your repository users be?
  • How many users will your repository support?
  • What types of content will be accepted and from where will it come?
  • Will the digital objects be physically housed in the repository or will there be links to items stored on other servers?
  • Who will be authorized to submit items to the repository?

You should address these questions and many others during the planning process.  While the task may seem a bit daunting at first, careful planning will make it manageable.

Results of this Step:

  • Strategic Planning Partners enlisted
  • A clearly articulated statement of values and vision for the project
  • A project mission statement
  • Well defined list of project stakeholders
  • Decisions about what types of services your repository will offer
  • Decisions about the type of content your repository will house, where that content will come from, and how it will be added to your repository
  • A strategic plan with goals and objectives clearly defined
  • Short and long term priorities for the project

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