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A Blueprint for the Establishment and Implementation of a Statewide Standards-based Digital Repository

The OnCoRe Blueprint Project seeks to extend the Florida "Orange Grove" digital repository initiative to other states and entities by developing a blueprint for establishing a statewide digital content repository for all subject areas in postsecondary education. This project is funded by a grant from FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education).

This Blueprint has been created by staff affiliated with The Orange Grove Repository, which is a project of the Florida Distance Learning Consortium. The Orange Grove is a K-20 repository established in 2004 and designed to collect and store learning resources for use by Florida teachers, faculty, and educational institutions. In 2002, as Susie Henderson, conceptualized and began to envision a repository for Florida, she attended an International Repository Summit in Madison, Wisconsin. During a panel discussion she asked the group, “Where do I start to create a repository? Is there a “how to” or cookbook for developing a repository?” The question seemed to surprise the audience of repository professionals. There was none. This grant became the outgrowth of that recognized need for a Blueprint or guidebook.

The Orange Grove began with research of other repositories and a belief that the repository would be built on a firm foundation of standards (both technical and metadata) and well thought out policies. Florida has led the way with careful planning and a standards based approach to ensure interoperability of content among repositories. Multiple states have identified the need for a statewide repository— California, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Louisiana—and these projects are moving forward in various states of development. Ideally, this will result in a system of repositories that can share content, improve teaching and learning, and reduce costs.

The Blueprint will build on the expertise developed in Florida as well as other states. The Orange Grove has received requests for guidance from a variety of entities that are trying to launch repository initiatives. The OnCoRe Blueprint Project is a response to this demonstrated interest and need.

The OnCoRe Blueprint offers the methodologies and lessons learned gathered during the design, implementation, and ongoing support of The Orange Grove. It also reflects collected wisdom garnered from research, interviews, and discussions with pioneers, planners, and implementers of repository projects.

By using the blueprint, an institution, state, or department can ensure: interoperability among repositories and learning management systems, persistent quality content, and faculty trust and participation to enable a community of practice among repository users. Included in the blueprint will be recommendations for policies, procedures, metadata and content standards, workflow and quality review guidelines, training topics, and funding and marketing strategies that will enable users to establish and maintain a successful learning object repository.

The blueprint can be modeled and reused by educational institutions and state and federal government entities across the nation. The blueprint will be based on the international standards for reusability and interoperability which have been proven to be effective in reducing development costs and duplication of effort.

A Project of Florida Distance Learning Consortium Funded by Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)