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Developing an Effective Digital Repository Using the OnCoRe Blueprint

This presentation was given at the 2010 League of Innovation Conference. It offers an overview of the outcomes of the OnCoRe Blueprint Project.

Alphabetical list of online repositories

This list provides descriptions of and links to a number of online repositories covering a variety of subject areas.

Learning Objects Portal

The Learning Objects Portal is a collaborative effort between four adult educators from various parts of Canada who came together through common interest. Motivation was provided by the MDDE663: Critical Issues in Distance Education Technology course lead by Dr. Terry Anderson. MDDE663 is a course in the Masters of Distance Education program at Athabasca University.

Institutional Repositories, Tout de Suite [PDF]

This resource is designed to give the reader a very quick introduction to key aspects of institutional repositories and to foster further exploration of this topic though liberal use of relevant references to online documents and links to pertinent websites.

Determining the Cost/Benefit of Learning Objects [PDF]

This poster shows learning object examples, the cost and usage data being collected on each object, and how this data is then used in a cost analysis of each LO to determine cost efficiency.

Funding for Repository Projects by State [PDF]

This document reviews the current funding and planning activities of several state-wide repository projects.

Textbook Resources

Government report on textbook costs: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05806.pdf

New Textbook Models:

Other Textbooks Resources:

Considering Electronic Textbooks? Beware the Learning Curve. This June 9, 2009 Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Wired Campus article summarizes Northwest Missouri State University’s experiences with e-textbooks, and links to a more detailed listing of lessons learned at: http://chronicle.com/free/v55/i39/39a01801.htm.

Course Correction: How Digital Textbooks are Off Track and How to Set Them Straight. This report, produced by the Student PIRGs in August 2008, contrasts open textbooks with e-textbooks regarding their cost, printing options, and accessibility.

Dspace/Fedora Collaboration Wiki

Dspace and Fedora, two of the main open source repository platforms have begun discussion about possible collaborations. This wiki offers information on this collaboration including recordings of the meetings.

Hewlett OER Report 

This report examines The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s past investments in Open Educational Resources, the emerging impact and explores future opportunities.  Central to the report is the idea of “The Brewing Perfect Storm” and the creation of an Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure.

Copyright Resources

These resources offer guidance on the issues of copyright and fair use.

Flyers & Handouts

If you would like more information on the OnCoRe Blueprint or would like to let others know about the project, please feel free to email or download and print any of the following informational documents.

The Art & Science of Repository Creation

This PowerPoint, presented at the 2008 ITC eLearning Conference, discusses the goals and objectives of the OnCoRe Blueprint Project, a FIPSE funded initiative that seeks to provide a set of guidelines for states intending to create an online content repository.

The Orange Grove IV-B [PDF]

This is a major planning document that was created in support of statewide funding for The Orange Grove Repository. It contains background on the project, a business case, cost benefit analysis, risk assessment, technology planning, budgets, project staff and responsibilities, communication plan, and project planning components.

List of Conferences

A Project of Florida Distance Learning Consortium Funded by Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)